What is the best ink for scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is sometimes known as a scalp tattoo, and it involves a similar process to that of getting a cosmetic tattoo. Still, scalp micropigmentation and regular tattoos are quite different in how far the needle goes into the skin and the types of tools and ink used. Scalp micropigmentation shouldn’t use just any tattoo ink. Regular tattoo ink can cause irritation and become discolored. 

So, what is the best SMP ink? This treatment process requires an ink that retains its color over time and does not irritate the sensitive skin on the scalp. Fortunately, there are inks specifically made for scalp micropigmentation, like Folicule

Read on to learn more about what makes the best SMP ink and the different options available. 

Regular tattoo ink 

There are numerous tattoo inks out there. With so many different brands of tattoo inks available, there’s a wide variety of ingredients that may be included in these inks. Regular tattoo inks often contain ingredients that can be harmful for sensitive skin. Some people can experience an allergic reaction to the additives and other ingredients in tattoo inks, which can cause itching, swelling, and irritation on the skin. These types of reactions can occur immediately after getting a tattoo, or even months or years later. 

Different tattoo inks can also become discolored over time. Black inks especially have a tendency to fade or turn green. This discoloration can occur due to exposure to the sun and instability in the tattoo ink. 

An ink made for scalp micropigmentation

Since scalp micropigmentation is a life-long treatment solution, you’ll want to ensure you're using the best SMP ink available. That means they should be using an industry standard that isn’t likely to cause allergic reactions or discoloration over time. You’ll want an ink that looks natural and doesn’t fade unevenly.

If you’re looking for the right SMP ink, keep an eye out for products that contain natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, like those found in Folicule SMP ink, are less likely to provoke a reaction on sensitive skin. They can also help decrease inflammation and redness after scalp micropigmentation treatment. 

SMP ink is not inserted as deep into the skin’s layers as regular tattoo ink. Instead, it is more of an impression into the scalp’s top skin layers with precision. The tone of the ink may be more easily seen with scalp micropigmentation, and for that reason, it’s important to choose an ink that matches the scalp’s skin tone. 

The best SMP ink is one that is long-lasting and resistant to fading. Although most scalp micropigmentation treatments will need a touchup after so many years, the ideal SMP ink will ensure the best results for as long as possible. 

Inks used for scalp micropigmentation should also be versatile and able to be diluted. That way the ink is flexible enough to match the client’s natural hair color and skin tone to make it look as natural as possible. 

Finding the right SMP ink

Folicule is an ink specially made for scalp micropigmentation. As an SMP ink, Folicule is meant to be used on the scalp to emulate the color and look of natural hair follicles. Folicule also contains natural ingredients to help reduce inflammation and decrease the chance of redness and swelling after treatment. 

Thousands of SMP specialists have used Folicule ink successfully to give clients the results they’re looking for. Folicule ink has been expert-tested as an industry standard. Not only does the Folicule product line consist of an SMP ink, but it also houses other products made for the scalp. Natural moisturizers and cleansers for post-treatment care are just as crucial for optimal results. 

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