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Out with the Old...

When we opened Scalp Micro USA, the scalp micropigmentation industry barely existed, and our first clinic was created out of pure necessity. In 2015, the same hair loss options had existed for decades: take prescription pills, vitamins, foams, and cover-up products or spend thousands of dollars on a hair transplant surgery.  We wanted to change the way people viewed hair loss and provide a sense of style and self for those looking for something new.  
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Our Clinics

Since opening in 2015, we have grown to multiple locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston with highly talented and trained scalp micropigmentation practitioners across each neighborhood. Along the way, we developed our own product line called Folicule, which is now being sold to industry professionals worldwide.

Our company is built on people, experience, and skill.  Each one of our clinics embodies the style and artistry of its practitioners and neighborhood.  We applied those same principles when designing our new product line.
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Our Products

Since launching Folicule, we've since expanded our product line to offer expertly crafted quality scalp care products for men with bald or buzzed heads. We worked hard for a long time to develop the expertise needed to make this leap. It is a big step forward for the way you care for your head and we are excited to share it with you.

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