scalp micropigmentation pigment

For SMP Artists

The #1 Rated Scalp Micropigmentation ink in the industry

Folicule ink has NOW been used by 1,500+ active SMP artists in over 7,000 sessions

Natural ingredients to help reduce inflammation and redness

Thoughtfully crafted professional quality pigment with carefully sourced materials and testing

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Scalp Sunscreen

Designed for your scalp

100% mineral based scalp sunscreen

Free of chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, fragrances, oils, and preservatives.

Avoid the unwanted white residue on your scalp

Tinted mattifying effect to reduce scalp shine

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bald sunscreen
redness relief tattoo foam


For scalp micropigmentation artists looking to reduce post-treatment redness.

Temporary reduce local swelling.

This foam-based formula sits well on the skin without sliding.

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