Matching Your Hair Color with Scalp Micropigmentation

Every client is different and as such requires customized scalp pigment color matching to make sure there is a seamless blend between hair and SMP treatment. 

But how do you match Folicule SMP pigment to your client's hair color? In order to understand how we are able to get the perfect color match for clients, let's start with what type of pigment we use.

For scalp micropigmentation, we use a black carbon-based pigment that is diluted in order to get the exact color and tone to match your hair. The pigment we use is called Folicule. This is an example of a black, organic, carbon-based pigment.

So how do we dilute Folicule pigment? We use distilled water and add that water to the black pigment in order to create the tone and shade that we want. For example, if you are lighter skin toned or lighter hair, we are going to add more water to that pigment in order to get a lighter tone. If you are darker skin, darker hair we are going to add less water and use more pure pigment. For full SMP dilution details click HERE

scalp micropigmentation color matching

But what happens if you have grey hair or light blonde hair? Or what happens when I turn 50 and all my hair turns grey? How are we able to match light or grey hair with the scalp micropigmentation treatment?

When hair is cut short, it is all a tone and shade of grey. It’s just about how soft or strong that tone is – and it’s our job as scalp micropigmentation practitioners to get the appropriate strength of pigment by diluting to the correct color.

In order to match your hair color, your SMP practitioner will prepare your pigment for each session that you come in. And they will do this by measuring out the exact amount of water, which will be added into the pure pigment.

Here is an example of how our pigment dilution process can work for lighter skin, and lighter haired gentleman:

scalp micropigmentation blonde hair

Here is an example of a client that has darker skin and darker hair:

scalp micropigmentation dark hair dark skin copy

And finally, here is a client that has salt, pepper, and a little grey in their hair:

scalp micropigmentation grey hair

This dilution and color matching process is a big part of how we are able to create such natural and seamless scalp pigmentation treatments.

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