Folicule Dilution Made Easy

What is the dilution scale for Folicule pigment?

Let's break down the different color numbers and associated hair/skin type and ethnicity matches.

28:1, 26:1, 24:1, 22:1

folicule dilution 1

Hair / Skin Type: Light Skin, Blonde or Light /Medium Brown hair
Ethnicity: White, European, Nordic skin (Fitzpatrick 1-2)

20:1, 18.1, 16.1

folicule dilution smp

Hair / Skin Type: Light-Medium Skin, Medium Brown/light black hair
Ethnicity: White, European, Mediterranean Skin (Fitzpatrick 2-3)

14.1, 12.1, 10.1

folicule scalp micropigmentation ink

Hair / Skin Type: Medium-Dark Olive Skin, Dark Brown- Black Hair
Ethnicity: Tanned White, Mediterranean, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latino (Fitzpatrick 3-5)

8.1, 6.1, 4.1, 2.1, 0-0

folicule micropigmentation

Hair / Skin Type: Black Skin, Black Hair
Ethnicity: Dark Latino, Afro-Caribbean, African (Fitzpatrick 5-6)

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