The Ultimate DO’S and DON’TS of Scalp Tattoo Aftercare

Scalp micropigmentation or a scalp tattoo is a new innovative treatment for hair loss. And while the SMP treatment is non-invasive and requires little maintenance, it’s still important to take extra care of the scalp after treatment to ensure the best results. Proper scalp micropigmentation aftercare could make or break the end result, and you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain that sharp, clean buzz-cut style. You don’t want to increase your risks of scarring and infection in the short term, as well as inconsistent or dull shading as a result of bad aftercare habits. 

Continue reading to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of scalp micropigmentation aftercare. 

In the Short-Term

After a scalp micropigmentation session, you’ll want to treat your scalp as an open wound. This is because several tiny perforations were made to deposit the pigment into the skin’s top layers. To ensure proper healing and avoid pigment fading, you should follow the instructions given to you by your SMP specialist after treatment. You can also heed the following tips to make sure your scalp micropigmentation heals properly:

  • Avoid touching, scratching, shaving, or combing the scalp after treatment. You don’t want to introduce any bacteria or germs that could cause an infection. If your scalp feels itchy, you can gently pat the scalp, but don’t use your fingernails. Otherwise, you could scratch out the pigment. 
  • Don’t do any strenuous activities or exercise after scalp micropigmentation treatment for at least 5 days. Sweat can affect how the pigment settles into the scalp and lead to undesirable results. 
  • Keep the scalp out of the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate the skin and break apart ink pigment, leading to premature fading of scalp micropigmentation. Stay out of the sun or wear a hat or head covering to protect the scalp. 
  • Don’t soak the scalp for at least the first week after a treatment session. You should also avoid swimming for 2 weeks after getting scalp micropigmentation. 
  • You can start to use a gentle cleanser after day 5. Use a product that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances that might provoke irritation on the scalp. The Folicule Scalp Cleanser is specially made for the scalp, and it contains natural ingredients that help hydrate and soothe the scalp. 

In the Long-Term

Scalp micropigmentation is a long-term solution for hair loss, and thus it’s important to care for the scalp for long-term results. Proper care of the scalp will help lock in scalp micropigmentation results for several years. Still, not much maintenance is needed. You can use the following tips to care for the scalp in the long-term:

  • Moisturize the scalp daily. You’ll want to use a product that hydrates the scalp without causing any extra redness or irritation that might occur as a result of alcohol ingredients or other preservatives. The Folicule moisturizer contains aloe vera and willow bark extract to help naturally hydrate the scalp, without any abrasive ingredients.  
  • Use sunscreen daily or when going out in the sun for extended periods of time. An SPF of 30 to 50 is recommended to help keep the scalp from getting burned. Sunscreen will help protect against sun damage and fading of the pigment. 
  • Exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliation helps remove any dead skin cells that can build up and dull the appearance of the scalp micropigmentation. 
  • Get a touch-up as directed by your SMP specialist. While scalp micropigmentation is intended as a permanent life-long solution, a touch-up may be needed down the line. A touch-up can help sharpen the edges and revitalize the appearance of the scalp micropigmentation. 

If you’re looking for the ideal scalp micropigmentation aftercare products, you can check out Folicule products. The scalp aftercare products from Folicule are specially made for the scalp, especially after a scalp micropigmentation treatment. Folicule products include natural ingredients for reduced irritation and improved comfort for the scalp. 

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