4 Benefits of High-quality Bald Head Care

Exposed head skin requires specialized care. At Folicule, we provide products that support your scalp’s health and appearance, whether you shave or recently received a scalp micropigmentation cosmetic tattoo. Here are four ways that you will benefit from high-quality head care:

1. Minimize Shine 

Your scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum, which accounts for 90% of the skin's lipids. Sebum is produced in sebaceous glands, which usually grow near hair follicles so the hair will absorb any excess oil. Sebaceous glands continue to produce even after the follicle falls out. Sebum is partially made of:

  • Fatty acids
  • Squalene
  • Wax
  • Cholesterol
  • Fatty acids
  • Triglycerides

Sebum forms continuously, and excess oil makes skin look shiny. Regular washing helps control sebum, but overwashing will break down too much oil for your skin to remain moisturized. The result is a dry scalp, which is easily irritated and often itchy. This is exacerbated by harsh soaps or shampoos. Most are intended for use on hair and utilize ingredients that are too drying for bald heads. 

Choosing to use bald-specific products can alleviate or even prevent these problems. Folicule’s Scalp Anti-Shine gel is formulated for use on skin without hair and uses natural Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract to eliminate extra sebum. This product helps moisturize, adds a layer of protection, and keeps hair strands smooth. 

2. Prevent Sun Damage

Exposure to UV radiation can create uncomfortable sunburns, age your skin, and lead to serious health problems. Selecting the proper sunscreen for your scalp can mitigate this damage. Head skin tends to be more sensitive than that found on the rest of the body and requires special attention. Sunscreens need a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating and must offer defense from both UVA and UVB light.

Sunscreens intended for use on your entire body often use oily ingredients. When applied to your face and forehead, those oils can clog pores and cause acne. Minimize complications by using non-comedogenic products, meaning they are designed to not harm or irritate sensitive skin. Mineral-based formulas are typically gentler on bald heads because they diffract sunlight without using oily ingredients. Folicule Scalp Sunscreen uses zinc and titanium oxide to make a physical barrier against UV rays and has the added benefit of appearing less shiny. 

3. Preserve Your Scalp Micropigmentation Ink

Scalp micropigmentation is a long-term form of bald head care. How long you can expect your results to last depends on your skin, the details of your procedure, and how you maintain them. Longevity is influenced by the type of ink used as high-quality inks last significantly longer. When properly applied, Folicule inks have been shown to last 4–6 years.

Another factor that influences longevity is your artist’s ability. Ink applied at incorrect depths into the skin can fade more quickly. Your procedure’s success can be preserved by practicing consistent aftercare. A good regimen includes:

  • Avoiding sun damage. Excessive sunlight may cause your micropigmentation to fade more quickly. Wear weather-appropriate clothing and use a bald-friendly sunscreen.
  • Using a healthy moisturizer. Products that are harsh on your skin will be wearing on the color of your micropigmentation. Folicule’s Scalp Mattifying Moisturizer uses clean, vegan-friendly ingredients like aloe vera and willow bark to soften skin and absorb oils. 
  • Being mindful of exercise. The friction and sweat of movement affect the color of your micropigmentation over time. Check with your provider if you have questions about how your lifestyle may affect your ink.

4. Prevent Dandruff 

Dandruff will affect all head types. It’s characterized by white or yellow flakes that fall from the scalp. Those flakes are patches of dead skin that are shed as a symptom of the underlying condition, which is an irritated scalp. Treatments typically involve improving skin health through shampoos and lotions.

Regular washing is often helpful in treating dandruff. When you bathe, massage your scalp to remove the dandruff before rinsing. This helps break down sebum and remove deposits of dead skin. If your skin is more oily, wash more frequently. If you notice your scalp drying or becoming scaly, wash less frequently. Nourishing your skin’s overall health also combats dandruff. Routinely wash your scalp with moisturizers and soaps intended for sensitive skin. Using Folicule’s Scalpcare Bundle is an example of a scalp-friendly skin routine. 

Dandruff may also be alleviated by caring for your general wellness. Other healthy activities that help dandruff include eating foods rich in zinc and the B vitamins, and dealing with tension in healthy ways, as stress can trigger outbreaks. Another treatment option is spending time in sunlight (while wearing sunscreen).

Find Reliable Bald Head Treatments

Scalp skin requires continual maintenance. Commit to frequently nourishing the health of your head over the long term. Repeat healthy behaviors and seek support when necessary. For specialized support, including before or after a micropigmentation ink procedure, use Folicule’s products and seek the advice of our helpful professionals.

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