Why we started Folicule!

Hey There,

Welcome to Folicule!

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re the guys who started Scalp Micro USA, a hair loss company specializing in a treatment called scalp micropigmentation. Since opening five years ago, we now have hair loss clinics in New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles. Over these past five years, we’ve had the privilege of working with over 10,000 clients who rock the short buzzcut/bald head style.

A lot of people ask why we came up with Folicule. What inspired us to create our own scalp care product line. Well, the honest truth, we kept coming up empty when customers asked us what products they should be using after their treatment.

No matter how many products and brands we tried, nothing seemed to work for our short haired clients. There were just no routine products that were made specifically with guys that had bald or buzzed heads.

It was at that moment, that we came to the realization that we just needed to roll up our sleeves and create these products ourselves! Over the past year, we’ve been in the trenches developing and crafting effective and easy to use scalp care products.

We only wanted to launch products that were truly amazing and an incredible experience for our scalpers.

Our first two products in our scalp care line are our Scalp Anti-Shine and Mattifying Moisturizer.

We also have an incredible line of professional products for our fellow PMU artists, including our Folicule pigment.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve created!


Matt & Keith

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