Preparing for Summer Season with a Bald Head

Failing to protect your bald head during the summer season can lead to discomfort and sunburn. If you have recently been treated with scalp micropigmentation ink, heat also has the ability to negatively impact your SMP treatment. Stocking up on high-quality scalp products can help prepare you for the summer season. Follow these tips to keep your scalp and your SMP treatment healthy and looking its best on summer days:

Invest in High-Quality Scalp Sunscreen

When you are bald, your scalp is completely exposed to the sun, making it more prone to damaging and painful sunburns. Investing in a high-quality sunscreen designed specifically for your scalp can help protect against burns. It can also protect your scalp micropigmentation treatment from damage caused by UVA and UVB sun rays. Folicule’s Scalp Sunscreen is 40 SPF and uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your scalp and SMP treatment from sun damage. This keeps your scalp comfortable and looking its best. Remember to regularly apply sunscreen throughout the day for continued protection.

Wash Your Scalp

Continue to wash your scalp in the summer, even when you are bald. Washing your scalp prevents the build-up of oil, dirt, and sweat. It can also improve the appearance of your scalp and SMP. When washing, you can either use a moisturizing shampoo or a gentle and hydrating facial cleanser. Heat amplifies irritation so avoid soaps that contain sulfates or other harsh ingredients that can irritate your scalp. If you recently received SMP treatment, you should avoid shampooing and scrubbing your scalp for four to five days after treatment. You should also avoid wetting your scalp with water or sweat during that time. After this timeframe, you can begin gently cleansing your scalp again.

Stay Hydrated and Moisturize

Your skin may become dehydrated during the summer months, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Staying hydrated by drinking water helps nourish and protect your skin. Applying a moisturizer daily or as needed can also help soothe and absorb access oil from your scalp. Our Scalp Mattifying Moisturizer was designed to deliver these benefits to your skin. It is made in the USA with clean, vegan-friendly ingredients that leave your scalp feeling refreshed and hydrated. 

Use Scalp Anti-Shine

Having a bald head in the summer can lead to extra shine. The Scalp Anti-Shine from Folicule helps control oil and shine on your scalp, even after a long day sweating in the sun. Apply it to clean skin alone or after moisturizer. Use it in the morning, before going out, or on an as-needed basis. Our anti-shine product was formulated using natural, 100% vegan ingredients and doesn’t have any parabens, so you can confidently use it every day.  

Wear Hats

Hats provide a physical barrier between the sun and your scalp to help prevent sunburns and other sun-related damage. If you recently received SMP treatment, we recommend wearing hats to protect your treatment. The sun’s UV rays are capable of breaking down the pigment used during your treatment, causing it to fade prematurely. Wearing sunscreen and a hat can help prevent fading and keep your SMP treatment looking its best for as long as possible.

Avoid Swimming After Scalp Micropigmentation

If you received scalp micropigmentation treatment in the last 30 days, we recommend avoiding swimming in chlorinated pools. You should also avoid steam rooms, saunas, and tanning beds. These environments can interfere with the pigment while it is settling. Giving your skin time to heal and breathe following treatment often leads to the best results.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Summertime is associated with many outdoor activities, such as lying by the pool and enjoying nature. You can still enjoy these activities when you are bald, but excessive exposure can irritate the scalp. It can also negatively affect your scalp micropigmentation treatment and delay the healing process. Try to avoid excessive sun exposure by limiting the amount of time spent in direct sunlight. You can do this by staying in shady areas, being prepared with products such as hats and sunscreen, and limiting time spent outside.

Try Redness Relief Foam After SMP Treatment

Our Photo Finish—Redness Relief Foam is a professional product that your scalp micropigmentation artist can use to reduce local swelling following SMP treatment. The product helps reduce redness and discomfort immediately following scalp micropigmentation treatment. Tell your SMP artist if you are interested in trying this product after receiving treatment.

Purchase Scalp Micropigmentation Ink and Other Scalp Products From Folicule

Equipping yourself with high-quality products such as sunscreens and moisturizers can help prepare you for summer with a bald head. Whether you recently received scalp micropigmentation treatment, are planning to get treatment, or just want to protect your scalp, our products are designed to keep your skin healthy. Folicule sells scalp micropigmentation ink and SMP aftercare products for men with bald or buzzed heads. Shop our products today to prepare your scalp for the summer season.

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