Folicule is now in Canada

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our scalp micropigmentation products globally, with a particular emphasis on our exciting entry into the Canadian market. Folicule has become the top selling scalp micropigmentation ink across the globe and a leader in SMP aftercare. We are excited to bring our product line to all the incredible SMP artists in Canada.

Folicule's Global Expansion

Our commitment to quality and innovation resonates with artists, creating a community of Folicule customers who appreciate the quality and consistency of our scalp micropigmentation products. Our products are for SMP artists made by SMP artists.

Collaborating with Canadian SMP Artists

Canada, known for its incredible talent in cosmetic tattooing, presents a unique opportunity for Folicule to collaborate with impressive artists who share our commitment to excellence. The Canadian launch is not just about introducing our products to a new market; it's about forging partnerships with talented individuals in scalp micropigmentation.

Exclusive Promotions for Canadian Collaborators

To celebrate our collaboration with Canadian artists, Folicule is offering exclusive promotions and incentives for SMP artists in Canada.

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