Scalp Micropigmentation Brown Ink


READY TO USE on your light skin clients. No need to add modifiers or to add Folicule black pigment. Simply dilute with distilled water and enjoy the results! Folicule Deep Brown is for SMP artists looking to provide the most natural scalp micropigmentation results. Our deep brown pigment is perfect to use for clients with light skin or light hair that fall within the Fitzpatrick 1-2 scale or for long hair fill-ins that have brown or light blonde hair. 

Good to Know: This product is ONLY for certified and experienced Permanent Makeup (PMU) professionals and is only to be used for the scalp micropigmentation treatment. This product is NOT to be used for cosmetic use by customers. 

For full MSDS, please click here:

How to Use: This product should ONLY be used by practitioners who are certified in scalp micro pigmentation. 

Size: 15 ml


Deep Brown

We created a brown pigment to help SMP artists achieve great results for a wider variety of clientele.

Folicule Deep Brown is perfect for clients with light skin tone that fall within the Fitzpatrick 1-2

Great for long hair fill ins that have brown or light blonde hair

Add an extra tool in your scalp arsenal to deliver the best possible results