How do I get the shine off my bald head?

What causes shine on a bald head?

Your body naturally produces sebum, or oil, on your skin and scalp through the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands often develop alongside hair follicles. However, in those with hair loss, just because hair follicles have died off doesn’t mean sebaceous glands are gone too. How much oil these glands produce may depend on an individual’s physiology. 

The purpose of sebum is to help seal in moisture in the skin. However, it is also responsible for shine on a bald head. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete way to get rid of the natural production of oil. 

Sebaceous glands are responsible for producing 90% of the skin’s surface lipids. The lipids that make up sebum include triglycerides and fatty acids, squalene, wax esters, and cholesterol. Excess sebum is associated with dandruff and acne in many people. In people who are bald, there is no hair to absorb sebum, which leads to excess oil on the scalp. 

How to get rid of the shine off a bald head

Wash your scalp

Some guys who are bald make the mistake of feeling like they don’t need to wash their scalp. They might feel like, since there’s no more hair, it’s unnecessary. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A bald scalp needs a good wash too. Shampoo or cleansers can help decrease excess oil on the scalp although it’s important not to use overly drying products. The wrong product could cause the scalp to trigger even more sebum production. 

Wipe off excess sweat

If you’re hitting the gym or working out regularly, you may have noticed your bald head is extra shiny after a session. Sweat, on top of excess oil, can play a huge role in how the head shines. Bring a towel or keep a handkerchief on hand to help wipe off excess sweat in the gym or any other time of the day. If you just got scalp micropigmentation, make sure to follow proper aftercare instructions when it comes to exercising. 

Opt for the right product

Folicule Antishine Moisturizer set

Some moisturizers are too greasy for the scalp. We recommend our clients use a balanced anti-shine gel and moisturizer. 

The Folicule product line also includes Folicule Anti Shine for reducing shine on a bald head. Follicle Anti Shine contains enantia chlorantha bark extract, a natural ingredient that helps eliminate excess oil and tighten the skin. The Folicule Moisturizer has a mattifying effect that reduces glare and shine, the right product can improve the look of the scalp while nourishing it with the proper nutrients. 

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